What We Do

La Fuente consults and advises organizations in four critical areas:

  • Embracing Differences

    Understanding and embracing diversity, inclusion and cultural intelligence.

  • Aligning Strategic Intent

    Developing and aligning strategies to leverage diversity, inclusion and cultural intelligence as a business competitive advantage.

  • Training & Tools

    Providing tools and training so leaders and staff can effectively lead and manage a diverse organization.

  • Transforming Culture

    Guiding the organization’s cultural transformation in a systematic and enterprise-wide approach.

How We Do It: Listen, Learn and Lead

Clients appreciate our straightforward business approach. Our process is not complicated, but it is based on 15 years of experience and proven results.

  1. You talk, we listen.  We don’t start with a solution.  Rather we start with you, the issues you are trying to address and the goals you are trying to achieve.
  2. We gather data to learn how the organization’s current state matches up with its desired state.  We evaluate the data and share our findings. Then we ask tough questions about alignment, expectations, resources, and commitment to change.
  3. We lead the senior management team to develop a plan that implements the vision.

La Fuente’s straightforward approach allows us to focus on what is important: aligning diversity, inclusion and cultural intelligence with intentional strategies to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Why We Do It

We believe “good intentions” should not drive diversity and inclusion initiatives.  Instead, diversity and inclusion strategies should support business goals and expected results.

Effective leaders understand that this is the beginning of a cultural transformation journey.  This journey will enrich each employee, and position the organization as best in class in the global economy.

That being said, our goals are clear.  We want to help you successfully complete that journey, by:

  1. Bringing new insights and best practices from experience, research and current work.
  2. Guiding you to build new capacity for cultural transformation.
  3. Helping you create an organization based on trust where each person can THRIV© because they are:
    • Treated fairly
    • Heard
    • Respected
    • Included
    • Valued