Ana Ramirez-Saenz

Founder & CEO

Ana Ramirez-Saenz

Ana brings an integrated perspective that guides organizations through their cultural transformation process.  As a thought leader in the field of organizational development, she brings ground level expertise in diversity, inclusion and cultural intelligence.She delivers forward-looking solutions that address the most challenging diversity and inclusion issues.  She helps clients address the issues that stand in the way of an inclusive work environment.

Ana has over 15 years of experience in working with c-suite management of Fortune 500 Companies, as a:

  • management consultant
  • diversity and inclusion strategist
  • educator
  • instructional designer
  • training professional

The Team

The team at La Fuente Consulting brings over fifty years of real-world experience and expertise to our clients.

We bring together a unique team of professionals for each project, based on the needs and desired outcomes of the client.  Our associates are experts in the “listen, learn and lead” approach that makes our clients successful.   Their engaging personalities, deep knowledge and extensive experience deliver excellent results every time.

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