Your people are your greatest asset and strongest competitive advantage.

For over fifteen years, La Fuente has been a true strategic partner, providing consulting expertise and trusted advice to organizations navigating the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Who We Work With:

Clarity of purpose, defined values, and strategic alignment are essential elements to creating synergy for strong inclusive cultures.

We support organizations by bringing into focus these elements and the necessary components that unbridle people’s potential, drive innovation and elevate performance:

Diverse & Empowered Workforce

Now more than ever, having a diverse and empowered workforce is vital to maximizing performance. Recognizing, respecting, and embracing the talents

and contributions of your current and future workforce is essential, people are an organization’s most powerful competitive advantage and drivers of your corporate culture. 

Organizational Pulse & Strategic Alignment

Assessing, taking the pulse, of the current cultural well-being of the organization is paramount to understanding their position in the 

evolution of their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. Employing our own diagnostic instruments to assess and establish a knowledge baseline is necessary for advancing any efforts in this space. Utilizing data-gathered with strategic alignment will enable the formulation of an agile and equitable ecosystem to meet the demands of the ever-changing marketplace.

Transforming Culture

Formulate, motivate and sustain a culture that reflects an inclusive mindset across the organization. By employing proven change 

management processes, transparent communication, and engaging talent to evaluate current behaviors and practices potentially limiting growth, organizations will begin to realize their aspirational cultural transformation.

True Belonging & Sustainability

Creating a true culture of belonging and sustaining is a journey, not a destination. It requires leadership’s unwavering commitment and

consistent evaluation. Therefore establishing appropriate metrics, and ensuring internal systems continue to be in place, that are effective and efficient, allows the organization’s agility to innovate and lead in the global economy. 

“Good intentions” should not drive diversity and inclusion initiatives

Vision, commitment, strategy, and resources to support business goals are the drivers of successful organizations. These should also be the same for your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Transformational leaders understand that when you put people first and create the environment for them to thrive and contribute, inclusion will be the natural outcome. In doing so, it positions organizations to become best in class in the global economy.

Our Proven Process


You talk, we listen. We don’t start with a solution. We start with you, the issues you are trying to address and the goals you are trying to achieve.


We gather data to learn how the organization’s current state matches up with its desired state, evaluate the data and share our findings. Then we ask tough questions about alignment, expectations, resources, and commitment to change.


We lead the senior management team and other internal stakeholders to develop a comprehensive enterprise-wide plan that implements their vision.

From Our Trusted Clients

Meet Our Founder and CEO

Ana Ramirez-Saenz

Ana is on a mission—to bridge cultures and simplify communication. She brings an integrated perspective that guides organizations through their cultural transformation process. As a thought leader in the field of organizational development, she brings ground-level expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion. She delivers forward-looking solutions that address the most challenging workplace issues that stand in the way of creating an inclusive mindset, unbridling human potential, collective innovation, and maximizing performance.

Ana has over 15 years of experience in working with C-Suite management of Fortune 500 Companies across North America. 

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