Consultants & Trusted Advisors

La Fuente provides consulting expertise and trusted advice to organizations working in the global economy.   Our clients understand that diversity, inclusion, and cultural intelligence are no longer a choice.  They are competitive necessities.  Deliberate strategies tied to corporate performance objectives will deliver business results.

La Fuente has brought its knowledge, experience and strategic thinking to our clients for over 15 years.  We help them compete effectively in an ever-changing marketplace, in part by:

  •  aligning the organization’s diversity and inclusion strategies to the corporate strategic plan.
  •  assessing  the skills and knowledge of managers responsible for  multicultural teams.
  •  designing and developing programs to increase staff’s awareness for respecting differences.
  •  coaching senior leaders to work with multicultural teams in many time zones.

La Fuente collaborates as a true strategic partner.

Our Point of View

Our first priority is to establish a collaborative partnership of trust, earned by doing what we say we will do.  La Fuente is known for its straightforward business approach, objective perspective, and data-driven strategies.  We use these skills to align diversity, inclusion and cultural intelligence with corporate objectives.

Our premise in working with clients is:

  • Authenticity

    Senior leadership MUST be authentic in their own beliefs, attitudes and understanding of diversity, inclusion and cultural intelligence.

  • Support

    Senior leadership MUST drive these with full commitment of self, and genuine support for the organizational vision, from their executive team.

  • Recognition

    Recognition that society has always been and will always be diverse.

  • Global Impetus

    Globalization, customer demands and changing demographics are driving the need for genuine organizational cultural transformation.

  • Deliberate Strategies

    Diversity, inclusion and cultural competence are NOT driven by “good intentions and plenty of activities.”  Nor are they just “the right thing to do.” Deliberate strategies tied to business goals and objectives can deliver extraordinary results.

When organizations seek a balanced view point to the challenges of transforming their organizational culture, managing the challenges that a diverse, multicultural and global workforce present, and seek to maximize human potential, they look to us for clear insights, best practices and proven experience to lead them through their transformational journey.