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The conversation about diversity has changed. It’s no longer about representative diversity (“one of these, one of those”). Today we are no longer talking about “ethnic” diversity, but diversity of cultural background, experience, and knowledge. It’s about values–based diversity: creating a culture where people can THRIV by being treated fairly, heard, respected included and valued. The corporate culture of an organization is what will attract, retain and develop the next generation of leaders. What is going to motivate, inspire and encourage people to work with you?

La Fuente meets each organization where they are in their pursuit of a diverse, inclusive and culturally intelligent workplace. Regardless of how long you have worked on diversity, we can help you answer three fundamental questions:

  • why diversity – what do you want it to achieve for your organization?
  • what has worked so far, and what hasn’t?
  • what else do you need to do to keep moving in the right direction?

Transforming your organizational culture is serious business.  It requires a thoughtful, deliberate and systematic approach.  La Fuente delivers enterprise-wide diversity strategies and solutions integrated with your business objectives. We guide, counsel and coach senior leadership and managers so they can lead the transformation.

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La Fuente customizes programs to meet the unique needs and learning objectives of each client. Our programs are informative, engaging, interactive and thought-provoking. They address different learning styles, accommodate many languages, and provide a global perspective.

Training Topics

  • Why Diversity & Inclusion: A Business Imperative
  • Diversity, Sensitivity & Awareness Training
  • Valuing and Respecting Differences in the Workplace
  • Leading Through Diversity
  • Addressing Biases & Stereotypes
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Teaming with People with Disabilities
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
  • Trust & Relationship Building  
  • Toxic Employee Engagement
  • Conflict Resolution – Win/Win Strategies
  • Work /Life Balance

Using facilitators as well as e-learning, we create engaging, fast-paced and interactive sessions that can include:

  • presentations
  • case studies
  • experiential exercises
  • group discussion
  • multi-media
  • new skills application


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Assessing the organization’s current climate, needs, perceptions and state of readiness for any changes, particularly cultural transformation, requires data that will enable it to make sound strategic decisions.

La Fuente uses multiple data collection methods to assess organizational needs and culture. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop customized assessment instruments for their organization. We involve our clients at every stage of the process from design  to evaluation, recommendations and implementation.

Data Collection Methods:

  • One-on-One Interviews
  • Observations
  • Focus Groups
  • Customized Surveys & Assessments
  • Online or Written
  • Benchmarking
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Existing Company Reports/Information

Assessments deliver:

  • In depth information about a broad cross-section of the organization
  • Knowledge and insights regarding challenges, barriers and/or support for diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Baseline data for strategic planning
  • Data from which to develop metrics and measure progress
  • Determine key stakeholders and initiative champions
  • Assess readiness for organizational transformation



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