Interpretation Services

Interpreters provide our clients with the immediate ability to communicate beyond language boundaries. La Fuente provides linguists who are fluent in their native language and English. Each interpreter has their own area of expertise and all interpreters are matched to meet the needs of the client in the medical, business or legal arenas.

  1. Contact La Fuente to request an interpreter. Either call us or complete the Interpreter Request Form to outline your requirements.
  2. An interpreter is assigned to the event. The interpreter is briefed on the event. A conference call is set up if necessary to discuss any needs, issues or other pertinent information.
  3. The interpreter conducts the event in accordance with the requirement and reports back to La Fuente. The client and the interpreter are given an Interpreter Feedback Form which both will complete. This form is necessary to obtain feedback on the success of the event and serves as a quality tool for La Fuente.
  4. La Fuente follows up with the client and interpreter to monitor satisfaction and service levels.
  5. The client is invoiced for the event.

Service estimates are provided upon review of the event. Services are generally provided at an hourly rate, and charged in 15-minute increments, plus travel/mileage expenses. Service rates vary per hour depending on the language, technical difficulty and availability of interpreters. Whenever possible, interpretation should be scheduled at least one week in advance. Interpreters can be made available on short notice (less than 48 hours) for an additional fee. Same day cancellations are billed for the amount of time scheduled.

We are a member of the American Translators Association and Michigan Interpreter and Translation Network, among other state and national associations. We utilize certified translators and interpreters to provide the highest quality language services.

24/7 Telephone interpretation services in over 144 languages. See Request Telephone Interpreting.